How To Rent A Deck Demon Button Punch Tool

In this article, you will learn how to rent a heavy-duty manual button punch tool for side lapping metal deck. In addition, you will learn how much it costs, what the procedure is, and where you can find rental locations.

Deck Demon Button Punch Tool Close Up

Procedure to Rent a Manual Button Punch Tool for Metal Deck

Manual button punch tools will be rented under the following guidelines:

  1. A deposit of $1,395.00 must be provided as security for the return of the tool.
  2. The deposit and rental fee including shipping charges are due prior to shipment of tool.
  3. An easy two sentence button punch rental agreement must be signed by the borrower. This agreement requires the borrower to return the tool on schedule or buy the tool for $1,395.00 (which is the normal cost).
  4. If the tool is returned late the borrower will be charged an additional $ 250 per week.
  5. If the tool is not returned within four weeks the deposit will be forfeited and the customer can keep the tool.
  6. The borrower is responsible for picking up the button punch tool and returning the button punch tool. Guesstimated shipping charges are $ 50 each way.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Button Punch Tool?

  • $350 for the first week.
  • $250 per week thereafter
  • $50 UPS Ground. You pay freight charges both ways if you choose to have it delivered.
  • Free pick up available from our offices in Phoenix, AZ or Ontario, CA facilities.

How Long Does It Take To Button Punch Metal Decking?

  • 2,500 to 3,500 button punches per eight hour day
  • Time Guesstimate = 1 hour per 1,500 square feet of metal decking
  • It depends on how often the decking needs to be punched

Is The Button Punch Tool Easy To Use?

The button punch tool is extremely easy-to-use. Please watch the video below and learn how to button punch metal deck.