Button Punch Tool for Metal Decking

    Save time and money by owning your metal deck button punch tool. The Deck Demon button punch tool is easy to use and designed to reduce operator fatigue. Button punch metal deck manually up to 3,500 button punches per eight hour day. Metal deck button punch tool is versatile and can be used for both crimping and button punching the sidelap of metal deck. Button punch in stock and inexpensive to ship.

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Introducing the Deck Demon Button Punch Tool
For Crimping & Punching Metal Deck Sidelap Connections


Constructed from heat treated steel making it tougher and stronger


Perfectly crimps metal deck seams for easier welding


Increases productivity with less operator fatigue

If you install metal decking regularly then you already know that the most popular sidelap connection specified on projects is the button punch connection. You also know that the only way to accomplish a button punch connection is with a button punch tool.

A button punch tool is not a cheap purchase, which is why it’s important to have a heavy-duty button punch tool. These tools will take a beating and need to be ironworker proof. A cheap tool will break quickly which could result in a delay in your job. Furthermore, using an inferior tool on 18 gauge or 16 gauge metal decking will be a much slower process. With the hourly rate of a union ironworker close to $100, a high-quality button punch will pay for itself after a few jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A button punch is a tool designed to attach two sheets of metal decking. Steel decking has a male and female sidelap. The button punch will crimp both sheets together. In a roof deck application it increases the diaphragm shear values. When used on a floor deck it keeps the deck from separating during a concrete pour.

The Deck Demon button punch tool is designed to button punch or crimp the side lap of steel decking. It will work on metal decking as light as 24 gauge and as heavy as 16 gauge for both roof and floor deck.

  • 2,500 to 3,500 button punches per eight hour day
  • Time Guesstimate = 1 hour per 1,500 square feet of metal decking
  • It depends on how often the decking needs to be punched

The button punch tool is extremely easy-to-use. Please watch the video below and learn how to button punch metal deck.

$ 1,395.00 Button Punch Tool
$ 50.00 UPS Ground Freight within the Continental U.S.
$ 1,445.00 Total

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