How To Use A Parker Punch Tool To Button Punch Metal Decking (Air Compressor Set Up + Settings)

Learn how to connect the side lap of metal decking with a Parker Punch pneumatic button punch tool. Step by step installation for attaching the steel decking button punch side lap. Includes Parker Punch tool set up and maintenance, air compressor settings and set up, how to Parker Punch a metal decking job, and safety procedures.

  • 00:00 How to use a Parker Punch tool to attach the metal decking side lap
  • 00:44 Table of contents
  • 01:06 Air compressor requirements needed to operate a Parker Punch tool
  • 02:27 What are the correct air compressor settings for A Parker Punch tool?
  • 03:14 How to operate a Parker Punch tool
  • 04:15 Parker Punch tool maintenance requirements
  • 04:53 Setting up the work area
  • 05:48 Parker Punch tool safety procedures

Do you have a large metal decking job that has to be button punched? A pneumatic Parker Punch tool is 2-3 times faster than a manual button punch. Parker Punch tools will cost about double, but the improved production will pay for itself after only a couple of jobs.