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For over 20 years, we have serviced architects, engineers, design professionals, metal roofing companies, general contractors and homeowners throughout the United States and Canada with superior customer service and satisfaction through product support. Our sales staff consists of knowledgeable individuals with experience in design, development and construction. Most importantly, our entire staff is dedicated to helping you receive your materials on time so you can begin your project without interruption to your business and project timeline. We have personnel at each of these locations to better assist you. Please feel free to call us during business hours, Monday through Friday, 7am – 4pm.

If you are located a long ways from our locations it is NO PROBLEM. We have route trucks that service the entire country. We can ship to you immediately and inexpensively


Western States Decking, Inc.
DBA Western States Metal Roofing
901 W. Watkins St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
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Western Metal Deck
616 S. Oaks Ave.
Ontario, CA 91762

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